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Volunteer Overview

SHI's work to address the issues of poverty and deforestation depends on your support!  There are many ways you can get involved as a volunteer.

•  You can help spread the word about SHI's work by:

...distributing informational brochures in your local schools, coffee shops, book stores, restaurants, churches, libraries or anywhere you think people who would be interested in SHI's program might gather.
...inviting an SHI staff or volunteer to give a presentation in your town.
...working with your school to raise awareness about the global issues SHI addresses.

•  You can help raise funds for SHI's programs by: a public or private fundraising dinner in your community.
...setting up a Personal Fundraising Page on our website to track your fundraising goals (coming soon!).
...use Facebook's Birthday Wish to ask friends to donate to the SHI Cause for your birthday.
...donating a portion of your eBay proceeds to SHI by using eBay Giving Works in your next auction.

•  You can visit our field programs in Central America by:

...signing up for one of our many exciting Smaller World™ tours led by trained SHI staff and volunteers.
...applying for a Internship position to work with an SHI Field Trainer for a week or more.

•  You can help our US offices by:

...helping with special projects, like holiday mailings or planting in our demonstration garden
...offering your special skills in grant-writing, press releases, event coordination, technology or more

These are just a few ideas of ways to get involved and we have many more listed on our Outreach & Fundraising Ideas page! We are happy to brainstorm volunteer opportunities with you and provide you with all the materials you need!

Please use our CONTACT FORM to let us know you are interested in volunteering and we'll be in touch!


What Can You Do In 1 Minute?

"SHI is our favorite organization to support. They are well run and have a grounded, workable knowledge of what can be done to help improve the lives of those they serve. In fact they serve us all. The impact of their work affects not only farmers in Central America, but also their families, communities, countries, and ultimately it plays it's part in the sustainability of our global ecosystem. SHI thinks globally, acts locally. Their hearts are in the right place. Please support them if you can."

~ Melinda & Kevin, SHI Supporters